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President of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs Lays Cornerstone of Rashid Abdulrahman Al Zayan

President of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs Shaikh Abdullah bin Khalid Al Khalifa laid yesterday the cornerstone of Rashid Abdulrahman Al Zayani Mosque in Galali, East Muharraq, in the presence of Representatives Council Speaker Khalifa bin Ahmed Al Dhahrani, His Majesty the King’s Advisor for Media Affairs Nabil bin Yaqoob Al Hamer, HM the King’s Advisor for Youth and Sport Affairs Saleh bin Isa bin Hindi, Housing Minister Bassim bin Yaqoob Al Hamer, Muharraq Governor Salman bin Isa bin Hindi, MPs, officials, dignitaries, religious scholars and ambassadors. He stressed the importance of building mosques in promoting the Islamic identity, expressing happiness about starting the construction of Rashid Abdulrahman Al Zayani Mosque to become a new Bahraini scientific beacon. He recalled the contributions of late dignitary Rashid bin Abdulrahman Al Zayani in Bahrain’s growth, praising the great philanthropic role played by Rashid bin Abdulrahman Al Zayani charity organisation. At the end of the celebration, Shaikh Abdullah toured a photo gallery on the mosque and its design. It is to note that the mosque lies on a space of 2810 sqm with a capacity of 1230 male and female worshippers. It features the main praying hall for men, a prayer place for women, a courtyard, a Majlis for special occasions and six classes for teaching the Holy Quran with a capacity of 140 students. Eight shops are also appended to the mosque to ensure a revenue for it as well as four residential flats, including two for the Imam and Muezzin.

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